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Arts Department

We understand Art in education as an important factor in the highly valuable process of the development of our students from an evolutionary, a sensitive, and an intellectual point of view.  Art creates critical, open, and progressive individuals, who are able to think by themselves.

When Art happens inside a classroom, it is possible to work on creativity, expression, and the development of the students' aesthetic appreciation; these elements will become part of the students' personality. Since pre-school, our students have the means to communicate and express themselves through their thoughts, feelings, and their own achievements, as they produce different pieces.

We see in Education for the Arts an opportunity -without impositions- for all of our students. Its fundamental mission within the School's curricula is -apart form clearly defined callings-  to generate the right conditions for art to become a part of their lives.

To teach art is to teach aesthetic literacy. It is to develop the aesthetic-expressive competence, with time, patience, and systematic work. The integration of concepts, actions, and attitudes that allow students to produce and comprehend aesthetic messages from different artistic languages, enables a more comprehensive development of our students.

Our School's Arts Department is a teaching-learning unit that comprises teachers of drama (English and Spanish), music (English and Spanish), body expression, plastic arts, and visual communication. The Head of Department organises and supervises all the activities, visits the classes to provide the teachers with practical and theoretical support, and promotes extra-curricular activities proposed by the different subjects or workshops, following the Schools guidelines. Team work is encouraged among the teachers within the department meetings.

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