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Saint Ignatius


The life of Saint Ignatius of Loyola


He is born in Loyola and is baptized with the name Iñigo López de Loyola.

He goes to Arévalo as the page of Juan Velázquez de Cuéllar. He travels quite a lot around the neighbouring villages.

  1521 (20th May)
He is wounded by a cannonball in Pamplona, while defending the castle from the French attack. He is taken to Loyola. On June 24th he receives the last sacraments. Four days later he begins to get better. He asks for some books to read: he is given “Vita Christi” by Ludolfo de Sajonia and “Flos Sanctorum”.

  1522 Spring
He travels to Montserrat. On May 25th he goes to Manresa.
He writes the Spiritual Exercises. Intense inner experience.

He travels to Rome, and from there to Venice, where he departs for the Holy Land.
He arrives in Jerusalem in September. He stays there for 20 days, then returns to Venice, Genoa, Barcelona.

san ignacio

ignacio manresa

After some elementary studies, he goes to Alcalá de Henares, where he stays for a year and a half. Then he goes to Salamanca (3 months) and later to Paris.

Studies (Paris) and first companions. On August 15th 1534, they make the vows in Montmartre. He returns to Spain, and after a few weeks he heads for Venice.

A year waiting, trying to go to Palestine. He is ordained as a priest. In November the group go to Rome. Important vision of “La Storta”.

First mass on Christmas Day, in Santa María la Mayor.

Paulo II approves of the formula of the Society. Many of them go to missions: intense Roman stage: he writes the Constitutions, Spiritual Journal, many letters, he guides the first works of the Society.

He suffers from a long illness. The Society spreads all over the world.

He dies on July 31st.

He is beatified by Paulo V, 53 years after his death.

He is canonized by Gregorio XV, together with Saint Francis Xavier, Saint Theresa, Saint Isidro Labrador and Saint Phillip Neri.



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