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Maths Department

The Department of Mathematics gathers all the teachers in charge of courses relaed to this discipline, from preschool to high school.

Mathematics teaching and learning processes are core in all educational systems in the world due to the indisputable curricular relevance this area of knowledge has.  Mathematics is present in all aspects of everyday life which constitute excellent opportunities to reflect and learn. Mathematics is also a protagonist in the academic life of any professional, with special characteristics depending on the area of knowledge. Promoting formal mathematics that can be applied in the working world is also one of the School's main objectives to fulfil the School's educative commitment.
With this view of the discipline in mind, the Department of Mathematics promotes constant reflexion among its teachers, their constant professional development in the different fields of the didactics of Mathematics and the production of teaching resources, adapted to our own Pastoral-Academic Plan.

The Department of Mathematics has focused its academic production and development along the lines of making the most of the information and communication technologies. This group of teaching resources reinvents the classroom as a new environment, where mathematical knowledge is still relevant while it is being adapted to new ways in which it can be expressed.

The technological advances we are witnessing in our everyday life question the usefulness of certain traditional content. Therefore, this department also reflects- with a special interest- on the development of mathematical learning skills with the objective of our students being able- upon graduation and incorporation to the professional world- to use the technological benefits ICT provides efficiently and critically.

With his in mind, the Department of Mathematics works in such a way that the curricula is navigated through the analysis of experiences carried out inside the classroom, following the main worldwide contributions made to the Didactics of Mathematics.  We seek to make the most of all the stimuli available that can enable students to discover Mathematics in their everyday life as a founding stone to then access more complex and challenging ways of thinking.
Head of Primary Department: Ms. Lucía Bentancourt
Head of Secondary Department: Mr. Francisco Pieri

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