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Family Apostolate

What is it about?

Since 2010, we have been looking into the revitalisation of the gift of family through a novel pastoral proposal. Movement Cana originated when several of the activities and services that already existed in this area of the School were combined, and it has been gaining strength since then.

Its aim is to support and strengthen the marriages of the parents of our students. The School wants to support the richness of married life, as we are convinced that when families are united, remain strong, and keep Jesus at their core, ours students are able to grow and thrive. Every year, between four and five new reflexion groups of married couples are formed. This success reveals this programme is seen as positive, fruitful, and promising.
Movement Caná
We want to support the gift of matrimony and reinforce its sacramental character. Towards this aim, the married couples groups deal, in their monthly meetings, with issues intended to foster their marriage bond. These issues have to do with themselves as couples, their relationship as spouses, and general family issues, from a Christian perspective. Each level has their own set of topics, previously selected, with clear guidelines to carry out the meetings.

The married couples reflexion groups are chaired by other "guiding married couples" - parents of students from our School. They are not experts but they share an interest in the topic of families, they believe in marriage and defend it. With these beliefs, they are generously committed to accompany, motivate, and strengthen the couples involved, and they have taken up this new pastoral mission with enthusiasm and joy.

The groups meet monthly, for one hour and a half.

So far, there are 26 groups, each of between 8 to 10 married couples, and they have been meeting uninterruptedly since their creation. The movement is growing rapidly every year.

Joining in

Although this group was created as an invitation for new parents at the School, it has been opened for parents who are already part of the School community so they can also find a space within Cana.

Likewise, those who would like to join Betania are welcome, too.

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