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Quality Policy

26th July, 2017 - version 3

COLEGIO SEMINARIO is a member of the web of catholic educational institutions that, inspired in the Ignatian tradition, operates in the cultural and educational environment of our country. Oriented towards the search for the magis (discover the best in oneself and give it to others), attempts to respond to the challenges of our times and of our families in an effective and efficient way, so as to implement an educational project founded on Christ’s footsteps, in order to shape “Men and women for others”.


To achieve this we seek:

  • To permanently improve the educational processes, especially the cura personalis (care and attention given to each individual in particular, and to their growth process), in such a way that our students, throughout their school years, achieve the development of all the dimensions freely and responsibly, so that together with the development of values, commitment, skills and competencies, are able to be inserted critically and dynamically in their social and cultural environment.
  • To make families, as members of the educational community, have an active participation in the Institutional Educational Project, based on a fluent and responsible dialogue.
  • To encourage our educators, either teachers or not, to stimulate, according to their specific mission, the students’ process of growth, broadening and deepening their own professional and personal instruction, so that they can offer a higher quality service to the students, their families and the society.

We are committed to:

  • Contributing to the development of education and culture, according to our vision and our aim, taking into consideration the needs of the people, the ecclesial community, the society, and the current regulations for schools.
  • Facilitating the means and the resources that enable us to comply with what the quality policy prescribes and fulfil its goals, seeking for a sustainable development of the institution, according to its educational proposal.


2018 CertificLSQA

Acerca del Colegio

El Colegio Seminario forma parte de la red de instituciones educativas católicas de la Compañía de Jesús (Jesuitas), presente en 127 países. Inspirado en la Iglesia y los valores del Evangelio, el Seminario procura una educación según la visión que la espiritualidad ignaciana ofrece de Dios, la persona y el mundo.



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