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Religion Department

The department of Christian Formation seeks the promotion of high quality catechesis programs, oriented towards the development of religious competences in each stage of our students' lives. We accompany their religious and community life and we offer possibilities for participating in, educating and celebrating the faith.  With this in view, we combine efforts with all the teachers of Christian Formation in the revision of the curricula and the coordination with the celebrations and the pastoral activities.

We are also responsible for the accompaniment and evaluation.  We are in charge of fostering professional development, the creation and revision of teaching materials and documents, and the promotion of instances of personal and group growth for the teaching staff, as a means of better facing our task.

The Departments of Christian Formation and Pastoral Animation work closely to logically combine the contents worked with inside the classroom and what our students experience in the pastoral activities.
Head of Department Prof. Dr. Javier Velázquez

Acerca del Colegio

El Colegio Seminario forma parte de la red de instituciones educativas católicas de la Compañía de Jesús (Jesuitas), presente en 127 países. Inspirado en la Iglesia y los valores del Evangelio, el Seminario procura una educación según la visión que la espiritualidad ignaciana ofrece de Dios, la persona y el mundo.



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