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Spanish and Literature Department

The Spanish and Literature Department is in charge of the coordination of the teaching and learning processes of Spanish as a first language, and literature.  Our main goal is to help students progress towards a full command of the four basic and instrumental skills of language: listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Our pedagogy is focused on enhancing these skills and fully developing them,  in accordance with the objectives set for each level.  We are determined to foster - in all the learning stages - the oral and written functional use of Spanish: the use of the language as a means of communication and representation. To achieve this aim, students need to improve and broaden their ability to understand different types of written and spoken messages, their ability to express themselves with better coherence, correctness and context appropriateness. Also, students need to acquire and develop the habit of reading and further their systematic reflexion on the language.
Learning about a language also means learning about its rules, and abiding by them enables effective communication.  We believe effective communication and representation of reality should determine the use of and learning about the language. However, mastering the code should also allow a personal and creative use of the language. We understand that promoting the use of language with these purposes will contribute to enhance our students' comprehensive education as independent, conscientious, and creative individuals.  Throughout their education in the School but especially since form 3 in primary, the School emphasises the creative role of the language through written expression, in the Compositions project.

Written texts - cultural means to the social construction of meaning - , and especially literary texts, offer unique opportunities for pleasure and enjoyment, not only in their reading and understanding but also in their oral and written production. Among other classroom instances, our long-standing Literary Contest provides the students with an opportunity to explore their ability as creators.

Furthermore, literary texts contribute - in all the stages - to guide the students in the exploration of sense, to broaden their understanding of the world, to build their ability to analyse and criticise, and to raise awareness of the two-way communication between the reader and the tradition and culture in which a certain text has been born, and in which the students themselves have become persons.  Literature seeks to pursue the understanding and regard of the literary event as a linguistic event, the result of a specific way of communication, which explores and considers  - in a formal way - the main types of literary procedures as an expression of the private realm, and as a source of aesthetic joy; also, as a social and cultural product within a certain social and historical context.
Head of Department: Profa. María Gabriela Roselli

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