Department of Natural Sciences

Natural Sciences seek to study natural phenomena, their evolution, processes and interactions. They do so from different disciplines such as astronomy, biology, physical sciences, physics and chemistry. All the teachers involved in these subjects are part of the Department of Natural Sciences - from preschool to senior high school.

The different subjects coordinate their work in the department meetings with the objective of developing an integrated vision of natural phenomena and the enhancing of scientific thinking. We are committed to promote scientific literacy among the young.
The contents in our courses contribute to the acquisition of the competence related to understanding and interacting with the physical world. This scientific competence requires the use of specific techniques and strategies, such as the observation of the physical and natural environment, the definition of problems, the application of knowledge, and the search for ways of solving them.

With the purpose of moving forward towards the renovation of the teaching and learning of the scientific disciplines, this department promotes teacher continuous development and supports teachers in their updating on the scientific knowledge which is constantly being created, and of the didactics of sciences.

The School has different spaces, especially dedicated to the different lectures and practical activities: Biology, physics, chemistry and computers labs in the different sectors, and the Natural History Museum.  These spaces facilitate the use of varied and modern didactic resources -information and communications technology, among others.
Some extracurricular activities offered by our Department are:
    • Shows: posters, models, brochures, scientific journals.
    • Robotics workshops.
    • Museum workshop.
    • Participation in the Physics Olympics of Uruguay.
    • Chemistry workshops.
    • Participation in the Chemistry Olympics.
    • Research on current and relevant issues.
    • Field trips.
Head of Department Profa. Macarena Salsamendi

Acerca del Colegio

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